The introduction of new products and construction techniques requires a committed joint effort between the supplier and builder. The DuFLEX Building System is backed with comprehensive technical information and an experienced Technical Team.

Our professional team is dedicated to the continual development of advanced composite technology. Technical assistance is available to provide guidance on how to utilise the structural advantages of DuFLEX over the telephone or by email, or we can provide on-site construction and process support to enable our customers to produce durable, high quality products.


ATL’s team of structural engineers, primarily AeroSpace,  have a thorough understanding of all aspects of composite technology. Our expertise extends to worldwide marine code compliance including CE/ISO, Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV-GL,  BV and USL/AS4132..

Outside of the marine field ATL has experience in numerous industries with wide and varied projects.  Projects have included buildings, bridges, sporting goods & automotive components.

Additional support services are available to provide guidance on how to utilise the structural advantages of composites and to ensure that projects meet design loadings and regulatory requirements.

  • Consultation with architects and structural engineers for projects where traditional materials may under-perform
  • Composite engineering expertise including Finite Element Analysis
  • Recommendations for approved fabricators
  • Consultation and technical support for fabricators during construction process


ATL Composites specialise in the routing of composite panel kits generated from electronic design files. Our state of the art CNC machinery and experienced operators ensure that every job is produced to the exacting standards demanded by today’s market.

Every job is previewed on our CAD/CAM workstations and nested to reduce material wastage. Our stringent quality control systems ensure every job is made to your exact specifications. As a fabricator you will be ensured of consistent part quality and higher production rates.

Waste, labour, equipment and floor space are eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.
• Composite panel kits
• MDF and plywood temporary build frames


Tight build schedules are placing additional pressure on composite manufacturers worldwide. ATL Composites can now supply Production and Custom Full Sized Component Packs to reduce build times and reduce wastage.

DuFLEX or Featherlight panels are manufactured and routed as per our standard processing, then ATL trained staff join the panels, release and trim the parts at our facility, to supply Full Sized Parts including Bulkheads, Floors, Soles, and Interior Fit-outs directly to our customers. The Full Sized Components are securely packed for freighting and arrive ready to install, simply tape into place.