Duflex Balsa

DuFLEX / Balsa panels are available with standard 155 kg/m3 or select grade 100 kg/m3 end grain balsa cores. The balsa is plantation grown and kiln-dried and processed in an “end-grain” configuration

The properties of end grain balsa make it ideal as a core for sandwich construction.  It has extremely high strength and stiffness-to -weight ratios, and achieves an excellent bond with all types of resins and adhesives.

End grain balsa also has excellent fire performance, good sound & thermal insulation, and high impact strength, making it an excellent choice as a core for high performance composite panels.

Typical applications include marine hulls, decks, superstructures and interiors; road and rail floors, walls, roof & body panels, front end and side skirts: aircraft floor panels, galley parts, cargo pallets, containers and interior partitions: industrial tooling, tanks, concrete forms and fascia panels.


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