Architects and building professionals are continuously searching for alternatives to traditional materials used in construction.  They want materials that are more durable and lightweight with higher insulation values, that are easier to transport, install and maintain, and that allow for design freedom and flexibility.  With these types of requirements, composites can provide new construction solutions, alone or in conjunction with traditional building materials.

DuFLEX and Featherlight panels provide structural lightweight and stiffness, and continuity of mechanical properties, and can be engineered into architectural projects to meet design loadings and regulatory requirements.  Complex forms can be created relatively easily, and made-to-measure units can be manufactured to be adapted to existing structures, broadening design freedom and offering rapid processing and construction which helps to lower costs significantly.

  • Building facades
  • Structural cladding
  • Doors, gates and window frames
  • Long span roofing
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Pre-fabricated housing
  • Composite decks and bridges

Featured Project
Designed by architect Richard Goodwin, the spectacular roof shape of this Sydney apartment building, with a 17.5m cantilevered section, was modelled on the angular shapes of an F117 jet.   Wind ratings, weight, strength and stiffness had to be considered and ATL’s engineers completed the composite engineering, including finite element analysis, for the project.   DuFLEX balsa-cored panels were specified as they contributed structurally, while still meeting the weight and stiffness requirements.