Standard DuFLEX Composite Panels, 1200mm x 2400mm, are available with rigid end-grain balsa, and structural linear or cross-linked foam cores laminated with a high performance epoxy resin and reinforced with multiaxial E-glass. The laminates of these lightweight panels are finished with peel ply to protect them from contamination and to reduce preparation of the surface prior to secondary bonding or laminating.

DuFLEX Composite Panels are manufactured under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, and products undergo strict Quality Inspections at all stages during the manufacturing process to ensure dimensional stability and consistent thickness. The core and laminates are co-cured under heat and positive pressure, a method that consolidates the laminate, increasing the fibre volume and therefore the strength of the finished panel. The E- glass fibre content of DuFLEX laminates is approximately 62 – 64 % by weight.

Core type and thickness, fibre orientation and ply schedules are based on design, or engineering specifications, to best meet weight targets, stress and impact loads, and other design parameters.

Custom DuFLEX panels with foam, select grade balsa or aramid honeycomb core can be manufactured for high performance projects requiring superior stiffness or lightweight.



Highly-respected, international certification body, DNV-GL has audited production facilities and manufacturing processes at ATL and issued Shop Approval KBZ 1095 HH for The Production of Composite Panels.