Bonding Angle Data

Bonding Angle Performance Data

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Test report CET 4149/3 –
Tensile tests to fibreglass connections – fins.
Sample Data: Specimen 1 – polyester bonded : Specimen 2 – epoxy bonded
Test Equipment –
Grade A Tinius Olsen Universal Testing Machine, loading rate = 5mm/min

TestSpecimenThicknessNominal AreaFailure Load (kN)/Apparent Shear
12Resisting Shear (mm2)Failure ModeStrength (MPa)
1212148,40077.6 part shear through polyester bond : part tearing1.60
1142130,40068.5kN shear through epoxy bond2.25

In both circumstances, failure of the joins was through the adhesive rather than the Bonding Angle.