CNC Routed Kits

CNC Routed Kits

In addition to plain and scarffed DuFLEX Panels, ATL manufactures pre-cut, ready to fabricate kits.  Computer aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) processes, combined with computer numeric control (CNC) equipment allows the production of pre-fabricated DuFLEX Kits.

The kit form process is practical, even for one-off projects, if the part files are available from a naval architect or designer.  Parts to be formed into curved surfaces can be translated by design software into the correct flat panel shapes, and this electronic information is supplied to ATL’s engineers and draftsmen.  All parts required for the project are nested together within the composite panels to reduce wastage.

Once the panels are manufactured, the CAD information is used by a CNC router to machine the programmed shapes into the panels.  All parts are left attached to the panel by small tabs to ensure the kit arrives with all components securely in place.  The tabs are easily cut away when the panels have been joined.

The panels are sequentially numbered to indicate the correct joining sequence, and a nesting diagram, showing part numbers and descriptions is supplied for easy identification.


CNC Routed Temporary Frames

CNC-routed plywood or MDF (medium density fibreboard) temporary frames can also be supplied to provide the builder with accurate sections that are cut exactly to drawing specifications.