High Density Inserts

DuFLEX and Featherlight panels can also incorporate High Density Inserts using materials such as PVC foam, PET foam, high density Coosa polyurethane foam and solid FRP. By Including High Density Inserts it will allow for effective surface screw fixing, tapping and through-bolting without the risk of localised pull-out, buckling or compression failures.  Inserts can also be used locally for perimeter edging in order to offer a more robust and impact resistant panel edge, often eliminating the need for de-coring.

Having Inserts included in the panel manufacture, and not having to fit on the job, offers fabricators a cost-effective balance between mechanical properties, weight and cost. Finished, routed 2D parts can also be provided with any level of insert complexity, and are nested for optimal sheet utilisation.

All DuFLEX and Featherlight Panels are compatible with a variety of resins for post lamination and bonding including Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy and Poly Urethane.

* Options are also available for specialised inserts including aluminium flat bar, PVC conduit and FRP pultrusions.