Composite materials provide strength, lower vehicle weight and improved energy efficiency in transportation applications.  They allow for design flexibility and deliver the optimum combination of weight, performance, reduction in operating costs  and safety.

The DuFLEX panel configuration of lightweight core materials and high-performance epoxy laminates can be tailored for multiple applications, ranging from structural floors, truck beds and walls, to non-structural rail interiors applications such as ceiling liners and cabinetry.

Marine Transportation
• Low wash ferries

Road Transportation
• Truck beds, bodies and side walls
• Bus floors

Rail Transportation
• Flooring
• Roof / ceiling construction
• Cabinetry and interiors
• Doors

Featured Project
Designed by Grahame Parker Design, the Brisbane City Council’s CityCats have alloy hulls and composite super-structures. DuFLEX and Featherlight panels were chosen to reduce weight and maintenance, and also allowed for the inclusion of compound shapes to improve the aesthetics of the vessels.