DuFLEX Strips

DuFLEX / Strip Panels are laminated with unidirectional reinforcements in a 1200mm x 2400mm sheet and machined with Z-Joints on both 1200mm edges.

These panels can be joined to the full length of the project, and ripped into strips on-site.  Strip widths may be specific on a per-job basis, but are typically four times the thickness of the panel.

The unidirectional fibre allows the strips to conform to highly convex or concave contours, and can provide up to 50% of the total laminate.  Their stiffness also allows them to bend fairly over half the number of frames required by other strip systems, and increases the stability when turning a boat hull.

Advice on DuFLEX scantlings capable of conforming to a required shape is available from ATL Composites Engineering Department, and pre-stripped panels to suit your project are an option available at additional cost.

Typical applications: compound sail boat hulls and flared topsides in sport fishing boats: compound architectural components.


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