Full Sized Components

Tight build schedules are placing additional pressure on composite manufacturers worldwide. ATL Composites can now supply Production and Custom boat builders with Full Sized Component Packs to reduce build times and reduce wastage.

DuFLEX or Featherlight panels are manufactured and routed as per our standard processing, then ATL trained staff join the panels, release and trim the parts at our facility, to supply Full Sized Parts including Bulkheads, Floors, Soles, and Interior Fit-outs directly to our customers. The Full Sized Components are securely packed for freighting and arrive ready to install, simply tape into place.

Installation and Secondary Bonding

The issue of secondary bonding between polyester/ vinylester and epoxy substrates has been an area of concern. Because of the inert cured surface of DuFLEX and Featherlight panels, all of the mentioned resin systems can be used to successfully tape the parts into position.

Comparative in-house tests have abounded, but without quantitative results they can only demonstrate modes of failure and give a “feel” for the force required at break. ISO 527 was modified to accommodate a tensile double lap joint. Four types of specimens were tested to show that polyester tabbing has the same strength when bonding polyester or epoxy substrates.

Lap Joint Test Results

Failure Load Apparent Shear Failure Mode*
A. 42.45 kN5.66 mPaInterlaminar Shear**
B. 48.47 kN6.46 mPaInterlaminar Shear
C. 46.50 kN6.20 mPaInterlaminar Shear
D. 47.08 kN6.28 mPaInterlaminar Shear

* Interlaminar failure occurred with the CSM layer of tabbing laminates
** One specimen showed adhesive failure between the tabbing and substrate.
A – Polyester peel plied substrate, polyester tabbing B – Polyester sanded substrate (80 grit), polyester tabbing
C – Epoxy peel plied substrate, polyester tabbing D – Epoxy sanded substrate (80 grit), polyester tabbing
This data is provided as an aid to materials selection only. No express or implied warranty is made regarding the accuracy of the information contained herein.