Lutra 80' Sailing Monohull - Singularity

Length24.500 m
Beam5.330 m
Displacement24,500 kg
Main Sail Area200.83 m²
Marxcraft Pty

Design Concept

The team at McConaghy’s has done it again with the innovative technology that was incorporated into the construction of the 80ft Mediterranean Debutante. This yacht is a sailing vessel that is setting new records at the European yacht racing events. The newly developed Lutra 80 Singularity is beautiful, sleek and incredibly fast. The whole team that was involved in the design of this magnificent sailing vessel has used cutting edge technology once only available to NASA to incorporate strength and hull integrity into their racing yach

The Lutra 80 Singularity design makes this sailing superyacht one of the finest true performance cruisers on the racing scene. An international team of experts were pulled together to create this amazing yacht. Given the fact that there are very strict guidelines that must be adhered to in the races, this craft had to be designed to not only be fast but lightweight as well. The internal fit out weight is just one and a half tons, while the overall weight is twenty four and a half tons.

The Lutra 80ft superyacht design is a very high level fit out for a racer. The full teak interior fit out is super lightweight on panels made of carbon Nomex. The canting keel is like none other this company has designed.


Marxcraft Pty Ltd, in conjunction with McConaghy Boats, incorporated custom DuFLEX® Composite Panels, supplied by ATL Composites, in the fabrication of the Lutra 80′ project. The DuFLEX panels were a combination of aramid honeycomb cores with lightweight carbon-fibre skins. A variety of thicknesses were required for different areas in the boat, and tight manufacturing tolerances had to be achieved to meet weight, stiffness, and stability requirements.

The surfaces of the panels were then laminated with a teak veneer by Marxcraft’s highly-skilled team of craftsmen. Painstaking attention to detail in choosing wood grain and colour, ensured that each piece was perfectly matched, and beautifully finished edge-trims were inserted on exposed surfaces to complete the sophisticated and luxurious yacht interior.