Schionning Designs G-Force 2000 Speciale - KATO

LOA19.5 m
BOA8.6 m
Displacement12,670 kg
Bridgedeck Clearance0.95 m
Beam to Length Ratio15:1

Design Concept

The G-Force Series from Schionning Designs has continued to grow from the very first G-Force 1400 over ten years ago. Now, in 2017, another bigger sister joins the ranks.

Commissioned by an experienced G-Force owner Tony Longhurst, the 2000 Speciale is a specialised version that has some small changes and added waterline length. Overall measures are being taken to reduce weight and produce one of the lightest and fastest cruising multihulls on the water and 2000 Speciale is sure to make a splash!


With a 19.50 metre waterline length, the 2000 Speciale is the largest in the Schionning Designs G-Force range. The goal was to keep KATO as light as possible, to produce one of the lightest and fastest cruising multihulls on the water. Schionning Designs specified all structural sections of the boat in a combination of DuraKore Strip Planks and DuFLEX Composite Panels, manufactured by ATL Composites in Queensland.

Hull construction was planked with DuraKore Strip Planks, which has been the standard choice for the G-Force designs since they were first designed, however, the hulls have been reinforced with double bias carbon-fibre , rather than standard E-fibreglass, to provide extra stiffness and a reduction in weight for increased performance. All other structural components for the catamaran were supplied as CNC-routed DuFLEX Component Packs with various core thicknesses and carbon- fibre laminate specifications to meet design and engineering requirements.

Both the DuraKore Planks and the DuFLEX Composite Panels were cored with ProBalsa 150kg/m3 end grain balsa, produced by the DIAB Group, which is used extensively in the marine industry worldwide to provide exceptional compressive strength, high thermal and sound insulation and low FST (Fire, Smoke & Toxicity) properties.

The interior fit-out on KATO was also supplied as a CNC-routed Component Pack in FEATHERLIGHT Marine Grade panels from ATL. Cored with 15mm Divinycell H60, a low density unique combination of polyuren and pvc core, the Featherlight panels will provide good thermal/acoustic insulation, and being laminated with carbon fibre reinforcements, these custom panels will provide superior stiffness and ultra-lightweight in the G-Force 2000.

By specifying Components Packs for the project, weight consistency of parts was ensured, and the computer generated nesting allowed for maximum efficiency in positioning of the parts on the panels. The majority of parts were supplied with complete reinforcements applied, so the labour savings normally associated with standard wet-laminate construction, was also significant.

High performance KINETIX R246TX epoxy resin, manufactured by ATL, was specified to provide outstanding mechanical properties and stiffness when combined with the carbon fibre reinforcements in all additional laminating and taping on the cat, which will reduce fatigue and increase the overall durability and performance of the vessel. All structural bonding, filleting and fairing on the boat was completed with WEST SYSTEM 105 epoxy Resin and 206 Slow Hardener, and combined with the appropriate WEST SYSTEM powder modifier.