European Joint Venture

Lightweight Panel Solutions
for the European Market

In May 2012, ATL Composites and MuH von der Linden of Wesel, Germany announced the formation of a joint venture company, vdL Composites GmbH to produce DuFLEX® composite panels for the European market.

“The product had been well accepted in Europe,” said Lorraine Murray, a director of ATL,  “however, the lead time to supply from Australia and the high cost of shipping had been limiting factors to its overall potential. We have addressed these issues through the establishment of the joint venture to manufacture in Germany”.

DuFLEX® panels produced by the vdL Composites are manufactured using ATL’s proprietary sealing and laminating epoxies.   Production is in a climate controlled environment using state of the art equipment, and rigorous quality assurance processes ensure that the finished products look and perform, in exactly the same manner, as panels that are produced in Australia.

“This has been the key to unlocking the potential for the product in Europe”, Mr Helge von der Linden, president of von der Linden, said, “and we have been successful in targeting marine, transportation and architectural applications.”