Composite Panels: Improving Automotive Efficiency

Posted on February 3, 2023
Carbon fiber composite product for motor sport and automotive racing

As technologies evolve to meet the constant demand for higher productivity, autoclave curing is progressively being replaced by alternative processing solutions such as compression moulding, standard infusion and high-pressure, fast-injection RTM. Epoxy resins, speciality core materials and high-performance reinforcements are now providing new structural solutions that will radically alter the way cars and other vehicles are designed and built.

Our in-mould coatings are used in the high-performance motor-sport industry, specifically V8 Supercars, to meet the high strength and toughness requirements. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on alternative technologies and materials to optimise and adapt to the automotive industry’s requirements. That is where our expertise in the development of new and innovative composite processes comes into play.

The benefits of these new composite panels materials mean that cars can be made lighter, more efficient and with greater reliable than ever before. The possibilities are virtually endless as these composites can reduce weight, increase strength and durability, improve crash safety performance, reduce production costs and enable a wide range of vehicle configurations. In addition to this, our in-mould coatings allow us to create a range of finishes on the vehicle components that are both aesthetic and durable.

Our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to finding new and innovative solutions for automotive OEMs and their suppliers while working closely with them to ensure their needs in terms of quality, performance and cost are met. Our commitment to research, development and innovation has enabled us to stay at the forefront of the industry, delivering quality components that meet or exceed OEM requirements.

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and we are proud to be part of this evolution. We strive to remain ahead of the curve in our industry, offering the latest technology, materials and production processes to ensure that OEMs can get the best possible outcomes for their product. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing quality products and services, with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.

We have experience in the design and manufacture of composite panels material for refrigerated cars and trucks, emergency vehicles, utility vehicles and even campervans. Our dedication to quality materials, production processes and customer service has earned us the reputation of being a leader in our field.

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