Boat Construction Techniques

All things are relative, and while DuFLEX construction is quicker and easier than standard composite construction, any boat-building project, like catamaran construction, represents a major commitment in time and resources, and your understanding of the materials involved and the correct ways to use them is critical to the success of your project.

With the DuFLEX Building System, boatbuilders can use widely spaced temporary female or male frames. Large parts, for example the topside panel in catamaran construction, may extend through two or more panels, so the panels are joined to the full length of the project before the parts are released.


Flat surfaces, such as floors, walls and bulkheads are used as-cut, and curved surfaces are created by using basic boatbuilding techniques and bending the flat panels around the frames into the required shape.

A strong, lightweight monocoque structure is achieved after adjacent parts and internal support structures are bonded and fibreglass-taped into position.